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Alara Luxurious Gluten Free Porridge 500 g (Pack of 3)

Alara Luxurious Gluten Free Porridge 500 g (Pack of 3)
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Every spoonful feels so luxurious, smooth, delicious, warm and comforting, this porridge is full of natural goodness from wholegrain rice, millet, buckwheat and linseeds.Alara are the UK?s experts on muesli making them for over 35 years. We know a thing or two about gluten free products - Alara has the Coeliac Society licence number 1!What makes Alara muesli so special is the extra mile Alara have gone to get them so perfect. Not only organic, but there is also no added sugar, salt, fat or artificial flavourings.But the benefits of Alara?s products don?t stop there; Alara are committed to make a difference to the sustainability of the planet. Not only are their products packed in recyclable packaging and have a low carbon footprint due to the oats used only being bought from a collective of local, organic farmers and milled just north of London (Alara are based in London), but Alara were the first food company in the UK to go zero waste - absolutely nothing at Alara is thrown away, but instead is recycled in one way or another.Alongside this, Alara have turned large amounts of wasteland around their London site into community gardens (removing over 40 tonnes of rubbish in the process), organic vineyards and permaculture growing spaces and have committed themselves to becoming carbon negative. This dedication to the environment has led to Alara winning a whole host of awards for environmental excellence, including being named as ?Green Company of the Year? at the Fast Growth Business Awards.So you know no waste has been produced in creating your breakfast. When you tuck into a bowl of Delight muesli, you?re helping the environment with each mouthful.
EANコード: 5016786280012
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