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The Urban Setting Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide to City Spaces (English Edition)

The Urban Setting Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide to City Spaces (English Edition)
  • Angela Ackerman (著), Becca Puglisi (著)
  • 会社情報: JADD Publishing (2016-06-07)
  • 商品情報: Kindle版, 545ページ
  • 価格情報: 新品 なし、中古 なし
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Making readers care and feel like they’re part of the story should be the number one goal of all writers. Ironically, many storytellers fail to maximize one of fiction’s most powerful elements to achieve this: the setting. Rather than being a simple backdrop against which events unfold, every location has the potential to become a conduit for conveying emotion, characterizing the cast, providing opportunities for deep point of view, and revealing significant backstory.

Inside The Urban Thesaurus, you’ll find:

•A list of the sights, smells, tastes, textures, and sounds for over 120 urban settings
•Possible sources of conflict for each location to help you brainstorm ways to naturally complicate matters for your characters
•Advice on how to make every piece of description count so you can maintain the right pace and keep readers engaged
•Tips on utilizing the five senses to encourage readers to more fully experience each moment by triggering their own emotional memories
•Information on how to use the setting to characterize a story’s cast through personalization and emotional values while using emotional triggers to steer their decisions
•A review of specific challenges that arise when writing urban locations, along with common descriptive pitfalls that should be avoided

The Urban Setting Thesaurus helps you tailor each setting to your characters while creating a realistic, textured world readers will long to return to, even after the book closes.


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