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Under my nerves: Lifehacks to a better quality of life (English Edition)

Under my nerves: Lifehacks to a better quality of life (English Edition)
  • Christina Lien (著), Niklas Wintherbo (著)
  • 会社情報: (2018-01-07)
  • 商品情報: Kindle版, 115ページ
  • 価格情報: 新品 なし、中古 なし
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"Under my nerves" contains ideas to improve your quality of life, spiced with personal experiences and anecdotes.

Everybody can benefit from reading this book, even though the main purpose is to inspire people with dyspraxia and relatives to create a lifestyle which can open new paths leading to the point where it is possible to make the impossible possible.

As a bonus Niklas Wintherbo, PT has written a chapter about how to train people with dyspraxia based on his experiences with Christina.


"Christina, you have provided me with the tools to help me with my daughter's Dyspraxia. Your guidance and support have given me the positive attitude to keep going even in the toughest times. I cannot thank you enough."
Peta Taylor

"I just wanted to send you a message saying you have really inspired me. I too have dyspraxia and you have shown me, that I should not let it bother me as much as it does, and that I should accept it as a part of me. Not let myself be solely defined by it. You are amazing and have truly shown me that the sky is the limit with or without dyspraxia, so thank you for that." 
Katherine Bunten

"She inspires me every day so read her book. Thank you so much for being so brave to do what you do, because you want to live and be happy. Not too many people take that risk and work that hard for the dream."
Cathleen Walker

"Long story short, you inspire me to continue striving to heal as naturally as I can."
Tiffany Green


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